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12 Ways to Protect Your Identity at Work


In this digital age, we’ve all become accustomed to the data breaches and hacks that seem to endanger our personal data daily.

We take steps in our personal lives to keep our data safe, like avoiding weird emails, not randomly clicking on links and never ever replying to that Nigerian prince offering us a million bucks — no matter how nice he seems.

But we sometimes forget these important tips when we’re at work. What’s more, our workplaces can also leave workers vulnerable to identity theft in ways exclusive to them, so we need to take special care when handling our personal data at the office.

Here’s how.

1What Is Identity Theft?

Identity theft keeps the Federal Trade Commission very busy, as it is the most common consumer complaint each year. But what is this mysterious form of theft that we hear so much about?

Simply put, identity theft is when a criminal steals your personal information and uses it as his or her own. This information allows thieves to get jobs, identification, credit cards, loans, bank accounts and more in your name.

This can result in damage to your credit score, fees under your name, or worst of all, a criminal record you could spend years trying to clear up.



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