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9 High-Tech Gadgets That’ll Transform Your Daily Routine


There’s a reason people get so psyched about new electronic launches: high-tech gadgets can seriously change your life. From your bathroom to the gym, there seems to be a smart device out there that will make your daily routine just a little easier and more enjoyable.

To help you streamline everything from brushing your teeth to nailing good posture, we found the best devices for all your beauty and health needs. Prepare to be obsessed.


Foreo Luna

If you’re not cleansing with a device, it’s time to get with the times. The FOREO LUNA uses T-Sonic™ pulsations to remove oil and makeup residue and unclog pores, yet it’s gentle enough to use daily. When you’re done a cleaning, switch it into Anti-Aging Mode, which uses lower-frequency pulsations that reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as help firm the skin. All you have to do is press it onto wrinkle-prone spots for one minute. How’s that for high-tech? Plus, it’s made of silicone, so unlike many face cleansing devices on the market, bacteria isn’t going to grow and linger—and you don’t have to shell out a pretty penny on the reg to replace the parts.

To make the most of your LUNA, pair it with the complementary Day & Night Cleansers from FOREO. This smart skincare with a transformative texture was designed to match the skin’s different needs in daytime and night. The T-Sonic™ pulsations from the device help to stimulate the active ingredients so they penetrate deeper, maximizing absorption and results. // FOREO



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