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Chocolate Lover? Here Are Some Facts That Will Give You The Chance To Have Cocoa More!


Chocolate might just be the one thing that is loved by most of the people all over the world. Dark, white or milk, Chocolate has a place for itself in everyone’s life. Cocoa is the main ingredient by which chocolate is made.

People tend to shy away from it due to health issues but little do they know that this taste bomb has a lot of health benefits which people are unaware of. It consists of polyphenols which basically increase the antioxidants in our body. It also improves the blood flow and releases estrogen which makes you happy. So let’s go and find out more things that will give you the chance to eat chocolate regularly.

But First

A little trivia on cocoa and the history of it. It was found in the American region and then it spread like wildfire all over Europe. It is very helpful in getting rid of fatigue, obesity, digestion problems and nervous issues to name a few. For proof, check out the health stats of Panama. It is a place well known for its cocoa consumption and it is seen that the population there have lower heart diseases rate and better health.

Where does it come from? It is taken from the beans produced by what is biologically known as the Theobroma Cacao Tree. Here are some of the main beneficial compositions present in it:

Polyphenols: These are derived from plants that protect us against Ultra Violet Rays of the sun and Bacteria. The most found ones in cocoa are catechins, flavonoids and epicatechins.

Minerals: Magnesium, copper and iron are found in abundance in cocoa which as we all know are very important for the various functions of the body.

Theobromine: This mineral is also one found in plants and it is useful for respiratory, mouth and heart functions.

Now let’s dig into the benefits:

1Maintains blood pressure

Image result for Maintains blood pressure

Cocoa has been proven to be useful in lowering the blood pressure. Moreover, dark chocolates have a higher concentration of flavanols and thus it has a greater impact on the blood pressure than white chocolate that does not contain or barely contains flavanols.  Flavanols are the main reason behind the blood pressure being lower. So dark chocolate lovers, here’s our chance.



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