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The World’s Most Expensive Pieces of Jewelry


There’s no denying that a beautiful, sparkling piece of jewelry can really catch the eye. And where there’s a lot of sparkles, there’s usually an enormous price tag.

Here are a handful of the most expensive jewelry items in the world. Some of these items have been sold at auction for unbelievable prices so that individuals can wear them privately. Others remain in safekeeping at museums so the world can bask in their incredible beauty. The value of many of these pieces comes not only from their genuine beauty and the rarity of the stones involved but from their historical significance.

Make no mistake – none of these is something you’d casually wear around like typical jewelry. Most of these gorgeous, impressive works of art are what the richest among us get to wear.

1Wallis Simpson’s Panther Bracelet

This panther bracelet was originally created by Cartier in the 1950s for the Duchess of Windsor.

Estimated value: $12.5 million

You’ll be growling with delight the second this iconic panther bracelet wraps around your wrist. Originally created by Cartier in the 1950s for the Duchess of Windsor, who had a love for all things cat-related, this intricate bracelet boasts black precious onyx and white diamonds with piercing green emerald eyes. The last time it was up for auction, it fetched a whopping $12.5 million.



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